20 Buck Spin

Focused on Heavy and Dark music.

Abusive Noise Tapes

Cassette label based in Cordoba, Spain

Acid Cosmonaut Records

Independent Heavy Psych Label

Adansonia Records

Independent music publishing company

Aesthetic Death

Extreme music for the underground focused on doom

Aftermath Music

Norwegian metal label

Aim Down Sight Records

A small label and distro from Germany

All That Is Heavy

Online record store dedicated to Stoner, Doom and Psych

Amoeba Records

Largest independent record store

Amphetamine Reptile Records

Limited edition music ARTifacts

Annibale Records

Independent label focused in Rock

Argonauta Records

Releasing thoughtful and inspiring music

BTNKcllctv Records

Focusing on Heavy Doom / Rock & Roll

Bad Afro Records

Independent label from in Denmark

Bad Omen Records

Independent label dedicated to Rock

Behind The Mountain

Extreme Noise label and Mailorder

Black Bow Records

Focussed on bands with riffs and tone

Black Farm Records

Vinyl only merchants of the Heavy

Black Reaper Records

Doom / Punk / Metal record label

Black Widow Records

Prog / Space / Doom / Horror Metal Shop

Bloodrock Records

Independent label specialized in Doom

Bonten Records

Japanese Doom / Stoner / Sludge / Psychedelic label

Box Records

Sludge. Doom. Hardcore. DIY label. Manchester, UK

Breathe Plastic Records

Cassette label from the Netherlands

Bro Fidelity Records

Releasing cosmic sounds on vinyl

Burger Records

Philanthropic group releasing records n tapes since 2007!

Burning World Records

Mothership of Roadburn Records

Cardinal Fuzz

All things Psych / Garage / Kraut... whatever they are

Church Recordings

Beastmaker / Haunt personal label

Clostridium Records

Mailorder / Label from Germany

Consouling Sounds

Doom / Drone / Ambient label

Crab Stoned But Rocking

Mediagroup / Label / Promo / Production

Creep Purple Records

You hate to love it.

Crusher Records

Record label and an artist management for psych and rock

Cursed Monk Records

Doom / Psych / Ritual / Drone label

Cursed Tongue Records

DIY vinyl record label

DHU Records

Label releasing some of the heaviest in underground music

Damnation Memoriae

An underground Tulsa DIY label

Daymare Recordings

Drone / Doom / Sludge label in Tokyo

Deadlight Entertainment

Publishers of the devil's music

Decadence Within Records

Underground metal label. Mostly doom/stoner/sludge, but not exclusively.

Deckhead Records

Colorado-based cassette tape label

Dense(s) Records

Cassette tape label from Jakarta

Desert Highways

Australian music company

Devil's Child Records

Label that likes all things heavy

Devouter Records

Stoner, Doom, Psych, Sludge!

Discos Macarras Records

Underground record label and distribution

Dissonant Society

Harsh and extreme music for the masses


Rich selection of your favorite records

Doomentia Records

Metal label and distribution

Doomsayer Records

Label dedicated to the power of sound

Drag City

Guaranteed to satisfy the most tolerant listener

Drop Out Records

D.I.Y. hardcore / Sludge / Punk label

Dry Cough Records

Sludge. Doom. Hardcore. DIY label.

Dust & Bones Records

Doom / Post / Metal / Hardcore label from Belgium

Earache U.S Webstore

Lots of well known records

El Paraiso Records

Eco-friendly high quality vinyl label

Electric Valley Records

Stoner / Psych / Doom / Space Rock

Elektrohasch Records

Best in Stoner / Psych / Drone sounds

Emetic Records

Releasing whatever they feel that needs to be out there...

Endless Winter

Spreading the music of bands playing Doom Metal

Everlasting Spew Records

Brings you the best Death/Grind/Doom around nowadays.

F.O.A.D. Records

Thrash / Death / Hardcore / Grind / Sludge / Doom

Feast of Tentacles

Sludge / HC / Doom / Punk label and distro from the UK

Forbidden Place Records

Stoner / Doom and similar genres

Forcefield Records

Record label from Richmond, VA

Freak Friendly DIY

DIY gigs / label / distro from Kiev

Freebird Records

The label that specialize in stoner rock and beyond!

From The Urn

Micro label showcasing the best of the North

Fuck Yoga Records

Underground label from Skopje, Macedonia

Fuzz Club

Record store that focuses on raw / experimental rock

Fuzz Ink· Records

Post / Psych / Stoner / Sludge / Noise label from Greece

Fuzzed and Buzzed

Newly established DIY vinyl record label

Fuzzmatazz Records

Small DIY record label from Germany

Fuzzorama Records

Polluting the world with Fuzz Rock

G.O.D. Records

Record label that specializes in new and old gem reissues

Gates of Deliria

Analog diy label & distro, Helsinki, Finland.

Giganto Records

Sludge / Doom / Ambient / Noise label from the UK

Glory or Death Records

Backing the starving artists

Go Down Records

The best sounds from underground

Golden Dawn Recordings

Psych / Stoner / Doom on Tape

Graven Earth Records

Colorado label specializing in tapes

Grindpromotion Records

Distribution from east coast of Italy

Guruguru Brain

Focus on underground music in Asia

H42 Records

Independent record company located in Hamburg, Germany

Hammerheart Records

Reseller of Relapse Records in EU

Hand of Doom Records

Vinyl oriented record label from Germany

Harmacy Records

Tape label based in the South West

Head Records

South of France rock!

Headspin Records

Heavy sounds by contemporary artists

Heavy Head Records

Record Label from Port Orchard, WA

Heavy Psych Sounds

Label for Heavy Psych releases

Heavy Ripples Distribution

Online record store / distribution

Hellas Records

Cassette label from Bekasi, Republic of Indonesia

Hellmistress Records

Label and mailorder for Stoner / Doom

Helmet Lady Records

Independent vinyl record label

Hypaethral Records

Label for dark & heavy music


Proto-Doom Metal band from Toronto, Ontario

In Punk We Trust

From the punks for the punks

Interstellar Smoke Records

Stoner / Doom / Heavy Psych / Proto Metal

Ironhand Records

Vinyl record label based in Germany

Jablká ďaleko od stromu

Doom / Goth / HC label from Slovakia

Kafadan Kontak Records

Punk / Garage / Rock'n'Roll / Surf / Lofi

King Volume Records

High quality limited releases

Kohina Records

Small record label and distro founded in 2019.

Kozmik Artifactz

Home of High Quality Vinyl - record mailorder & label

Krauted Mind Records

Vinyl Record label from Germany

Lay Bare Recordings

D.I.Y. vinyl record label

Lint Music

Experimental / Doom / Drone label from Australia

Listenable Records

Label / Mailorder from France

Lost Moon Records

independent label based out of Cincinnati, OH and Brooklyn, NY

Loud, Slow and Distorted Riffs

Small record label based in Mexico City

Low Fidelity Assaults

Heavy Metal/Black Metal/Sludge/Crust from Germany


Label / Mailorder from Paris

Magnetic Eye Records

NY based record label

Majestic Mountain Records

DIY record label with a focus on Doom / Stoner / Psych

Medusa Crush Recordings

One-man run D.I.Y. boutique label

Metal Assault Records

Heavy Metal & Hard Rock label from Los Angeles, CA

More Fuzz Records

Your Fuzz Dealers

Napalm Records

Austrian independent record label focused on heavy metal

Napalm Records America

Napalm Records US distro

Nasoni Records

Independent record label which produce strictly limited vinyl

Necio Records

Prog / Stoner / Psych / Space Rock / Doom

Neurot Records

Fiercely independent label dedicated to the spirit of sound

New Heavy Sounds

All about taking the dirty, greasy riffage

Nine Records

Independent label from Poland founded officially in 2013

No Name Records

Addicted label since 2011

NoSlip Records

Independent Record Label that specializes in vinyl releases


A label for Guitar music between Stoner / Heavy / Psych Rock

Nooirax Productions

Independent rock label based in Spain

Nuclear Blast America

Nuclear Blast US distro

Nuclear Blast Records

Rich selection of lots of metal releases


Sludge / Doom / Drone / Noise / Black metal / Punk / Grind

Off The Record

The shop for the real music lovers!

Olde Magick Records

Doom, Psychedelic, Stoner, Fuzz & Sludge

Opoponax Records

Record label based out of Arizona


Merch and records mailorder

Ozium Records

Online music store and record label

PATAC Records

Purveyors of metal, specializing in vinyl releases

Panta R&E

Vienna-based label specializing in Prog, Psych and Stoner

Pepper Shaker Records

Australian record label

Phonosphera Records

Independent label focused in Rock

Pink Tank Records

The Heavy Music Machine

Poisoned Mind Records

Doom, Stoner, Synth releases on vinyl


Independent label focused on Stoner / Doom / Sludge

Pre-Rock Records

Label and distributor from Canada

Profound Lore Records

Experimental / Heavy Metal label

Qiasum Music

Independent music label from Moscow, Russia

Ramah Records

Norwegian label

Red House

Shows / Promotions / Recordings

Reflections Records

Label / Mailorder from Netherlands

Relapse Records

Independent metal label since 1990

Relapse Records EU Store

European Relapse Records distro

Retro Futurist Records

Record label by the members of KYLESA

RidingEasy Records

Boutique record label from California

Riff Dealers

Records for the doomed, stoned and droned

Ripple Music

The home to some of the world's best heavy rock

Rise Above Records

Mix of underground Doom Metal

Ritual Productions

Expanding minds with magick rites

Robust Fellow

DIY label that creates diehard / limited edition items

Rocket Recordings

UK based record label

STB Records

D.I.Y label who specializes in unique and limited records

Sailor Records

A selective assembly of rock n' roll. Hails from Colorado

Salt of the Earth Records

Label, Management and Merch distro

Satan's Claw Tapes

Tape label specialised in heavy and obscure

Season of Mist

All kinds of Metal, Rock, Doom, Drone and Sludge

Season of Mist USA

Season of Mist titles shipped from the US

Setalight Records

Community and pool of musicians


Metalcentric record seller in Athens, Georgia

Shiny Beast Mailorder

Mailorder specialized in Psych sounds

Sludgelord Records

Heaviest riffs of Doom / Sludge

Small Stone Records

The finest in fuzz since 1995

Smutdealer Records


Snake Charmer Coalition

Independent label specializing in Rock

Solitude Productions

First Russian doom metal label

Soulseller Records

Independent rock & metal label

Sound Effect Records

Doom / Stoner / Psych Rock label and store from Greece

Southcave Records

Small label focusing on cassette releases

Southern Lord Europe Stone

European home to all Southern Lord artists

Southern Lord Recordings

Specializing in the Stoner / Doom Metal

Stickman Records

Sticky, broke and confused since 1994!

Stone Groove Records

Doom / Stoner and reissues of classics

StoneFree Records

Austrian independent Record Label located

Stoner Witch Records

Devil Music label based in PHX

Subliminal Sounds

Psychedelic experience in music

Sulatron Records

Psych-Kraut Rock music record label

Supernatural Cat

People that are trying to spread good vibes around the globe

Svart Records

Label which specialize in releasing underground music

Sweepland Records

Network of local artists and friends

Tartarus Records

DIY cassette label

Taxi Driver Records

Independent record label and store

Tee Pee Records

Independent Rock label

Teschio Dischi

DIY label specialized in very limited and handmade vinyl

The Company

Kansas City based Record Label & Design Firm

This Charming Man Records

Record Label from Munster

Three Moons Records

Small label focusing on cassette releases

Throne Recs

Independent D.I.Y. alternative record label since 2001

Tonzonen Records

Label specialized in Kraut / Space Rock

Topillo Records

Independent record label based in Madrid, Spain

Totem Cat Records

Doom / Sludge / Stoner Rock label

Totem Records

Independent music store in Vienna

Translation Loss Records

Your aural experience for daily nourishment

Tridroid Records

Heavy Underground Sounds

Twin Earth Records

Turn on, tune down, drop out

Typhoon Killer Records

Independent record label from Tennessee

Underground Legends

Epic records for inquiring minds

Underground Records

Australian Stoner / Doom specialists

Urtod Void

Limited kick ass releases only on tape and vinyl

Valley Heat Records

Short-run cassette tapes and 7" vinyl

Vault Relics

Underground music haven from Greece

Vincebus Eruptum

Spreaders of Heavy Psych music

War on Music Records

Label & Metal / Punk / Hardcore Shop

Wasted State Records

Independent record label from Edinburgh

White Dwarf

Mailorder / Label from Berlin

Wicked Lester Records

UK-based label for heavy metal releases

Wolftrap Records

Irish Dark Underground music label

World in Sound

Indie label focused on Psych, Heavy, Blues Rock